Blac Youngsta - Gun Smoke (feat. 42 Dugg) (Official Audio)

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I was raised on Mac Kinney
Keep acting like I aint retarded ya pussy ass nigga know what im saying
Keep acting like youaint seen me shoot that mutha fucking fire nigga
Every nigga play with me die Pussy
Big stepper. You can’t do no show inn my city yea
Reschedule Pussy. We gonna shoot them Glocks
Cant drop them shots if we catch ya
Im brought up off murder shit
That murder shit my profession
I try keeping that shit professional but them nigga try testing me
That little promo run you doing homie will get you left in the desert
I know blood gonna shoot that fire cause he retarded he special
I know cuz gonna take something out for me quick, why, he a professional
Last nigga who shot at me that shit didn’t go successful
Free my charge partner. He got caught up with a dirty K
Im the god father know them bloods gonna move when I say
Pussy nigga im gonna stand on all over your shit with a dirty joint
You know I know where your mammy stay and where your brother stay
I buy guns up out the store and shoot on my ops everyday
I don’t tolerate no pistol play boy you get shot in the face
I just downed my case, Murder on my, murder on my, murder on my mind
Been wacking niggas in the city before wacking niggas outta town
I can’t keep up with your bodies you in lost and found
I can’t keep up with that pussy she in lost and found. Found her yet?
He say. Give no fucks about what they said.
Gunsmoke. Shoot em 2 times in the head.
Green light. Shoot that bitch while he on red.
PSI. He on rape that what I read
1st degree you know all my ops they dead
If they not, swear to god they gonna be dead
I swear to god
What you finna do? Watch this.
Go ahead and leave something bitch
Just blow me down if you around
She prob need something light
I aint on no label bitch
Im doing fens and got that green coming everywhere like hot spot
Shoot a nigga dead and shit don’t do drivebys
Top 5 dead or alive Free skeet
Niggas bang but they don’t slang im screaming free meech
Dive I her knee deep yea nigga big 4’s
I was prob out here slanging while you was getting phones
Sent her home bitch you with the gang now
Dont care who out there sho still got my chain on
Lets hit the road same route 75 main south
Sell em lines 250 red, what you need
Still on that murder shit.
Depending one how the vibe is I might murder shit
I see the ops and turn this clean stick to a dirty stick
You run up on me I shoot you down don’t care who you with
Young nigga pull up inn that dump truck and shoot them sticks
My chopper got a cooler kit im on that shooter shit
Went up against the gang boy you got hit up thought you was slick
Im on that cut throat side of Memphis shit, that shit get you killed
How could you possibly go against me when I taught you out the rip
I know a few niggas beneath me who reaching for my chips
My cousin died my niggas died so I can’t slip
I told my bitch before she go to bed put on that silk
Cant buy your dope from me in person im gonna ship
You know this Glock one my hip comes with hollow tips
Even tho I sip the doctor told me not to sip, but I still sip
I bet this chopper make you flip, you gonna still slip
Before I met T cannon he was crip and he still crip
I put down my ap just like tip, its a field trip
Fuck Youngsta, He say
Give no fucks about what they said
Gunsmoke. Shoot em 2 times in the head.
Green light. Shoot that bitch while he on red.
PSI. He on rape that what I read
1st degree you know all my ops they dead
If they not, swear to god they gonna be dead
I swear to god
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Blac Youngsta - Gun Smoke (feat. 42 Dugg) (Official Audio)
Music video by Blac Youngsta performing Gun Smoke (Audio). © 2020 Be Great Music Group, LLC/N-Less Entertainment, LLC


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    Thank you for uploading! Do you have a second? I uploaded a new song of mine on my channel. As a fellow music supporter, I'd love if you'd check it out. Don't go too hard on me :)

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    The whole rap is totally off. It's like they trying to be like blue face. I'm a die hard fan but not feeling this one. I love blac youngster but not this song.

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      He been rapping like this since before blue face even started rapping😂🤦🏾‍♀️

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