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[Verse 1]
Back to the basics (Back to the basics)
I can't escape it, no (Nah)
They like they understand me better when I speak it raw (Talk)
I'm thinkin' 'bout how deep it get from diggin' in my thoughts (Woah)
But then again, I already know what come with bein' a boss (Big bag)
I'm whisperin' in her ear (What?)
Sayin', ""I love you, I'ma do better,"" kissin' her lips
Buy her a bag, then we fuck, she like, ""Boy, you a trip"" (Haha)
""Why you think you can fix everything with your dick and gifts?""
(It's always worked before)
Barely say no to my kids, been like that since I birthed 'em (Yeah)
DeMoney a spittin' image of me, his mama say I cursed him
Changes and blessings come with time 'cause that's what life bring (So what?)
Didn't understand that shit clear enough 'til I made Spring (My daughter)
I got bitches lyin' on my name, tryin' they best to get some clout
Niggas think it's Swisher Sweet until I break them choppers out (Brrt)
Family never asked for my number, but now they reachin' out (Ha)
Post a picture with some money, they screenshot it, tryin' to count
I ain't fuckin' with no rap niggas, I'm stickin' to the plan (What's that?)
Came in with my day ones, that's how I'ma leave (Who that?)
Tavo, Danjoe, G (Three), been through it all with me (All)
Sat on the bench beside me, it's a must they ball with me
Shit don't even be what it look like, it just be seemin' perfect (I swear)
Sometimes I ask, ""Where the love at?"" but that don't mean I'm searchin' (Searchin')
I hate that I gave it attention knowin' it didn't deserve it (I'm booked)
Did a diagnostics check and all my buttons workin' (It's up)
Why you tellin' her the business when you go and lay up with her? (Huh?)
I ain't talkin' to no pillow, especially not about my nigga
Take a certain type of nigga to relate to what I'm feelin'
I'm just ventin' to myself, smokin', starin' at the ceilin' (Vibin')
I'm gangsta from the heart (Heart), started from the gutter
Robbin' niggas, stealin' cars, I'm so glad I played it smart (Smart)
I'm gangsta from the heart (Heart), beat the odds a million times
The struggle made a star, make 'em feel it bar for bar (Go)
Told 'em (I called and tried to tell 'em)
Didn't believe me, so I showed 'em
I'm smashin' on the gas, got no plans of pullin' over
Wrap my hands around my arm, got the world in my palms
Forced me to go numb, I give 'em cold shoulder
[Verse 2]
You dead to me, I had to go stiff
Overtime, puttin' in long hours (What?), I don't come off the shift (Come off the shift)
They hate so hard in my neighborhood, wanna do me like Nip
Pray I ain't lookin' at a friend if I gotta empty the clip (Boom, boom)
Talk to Gotti on the phone, he like, ""Look, bro, leave it alone"" (Please)
But I can't stay away, the trenches where I feel at home (Home)
I do it first, they gravitate, these rap niggas my protégé
I never hate (Never), .762s penetrate (Brrr)
Drums sound like an 808 (Brrr), boom (Boom)
She went against the rules, fucked the opposition dude (Ooh)
I know we ain't together, but I still don't feel it's cool
Guess you ran outta weapons 'cause now you tryna use my son
Everything don't need a response, I'm just done
[Chorus]I'm gangsta from the heart (Heart), started from the gutterRobbin' niggas, stealin' cars, I'm so glad I played it smart (Smart)I'm gangsta from the heart (Heart), beat the odds a million timesThe struggle made a star, make 'em feel it bar for bar (Go)Told 'em (I called and tried to tell 'em)Didn't believe me, so I showed 'emI'm smashin' on the gas, got no plans of pullin' overWrap my hands around my arm, got the world in my palmsForced me to go numb, I give 'em cold shoulder
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Moneybagg Yo - Cold Shoulder (Official Music Video)
Music video by Moneybagg Yo performing Cold Shoulder. © 2020 N-Less Entertainment/Interscope Records


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    All y'all rap about is chilling and taking another man's wife God would never send you another man why that's not God.. God would also never want you to kill another human being that's his child it's time to grow up and take responsibility for your people and your culture

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      Lyrical god? Lol y’all expectations way too low 😂😂😂 moneybagg couldn’t spit one bar better than any 90s rapper. Get in touch with hip hop fan boy

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