Moneybagg Yo - Wat U On (Audio) ft. Gunna

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Music video by Moneybagg Yo performing Wat U On. © 2018 N-Less Entertainment, LLC, distributed by Interscope Records


  1. sscjose leaks

    sscjose leaks

    27 kun oldin

    2020 anyone ?

  2. Slurge


    Oy oldin

    2020 here like if u are here

  3. Kyron Lauren

    Kyron Lauren

    Oy oldin

    2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Cassandra Braden

    Cassandra Braden

    Oy oldin

    Who here in 2020

  5. king_dae757


    2 oy oldin

    Who listening in 2020

    • True 2 Tha Game Rickey Stokes

      True 2 Tha Game Rickey Stokes

      21 kun oldin

  6. True 2 Tha Game Rickey Stokes

    True 2 Tha Game Rickey Stokes

    4 oy oldin

    Good street heet, 🤩

  7. Deshawn FK12

    Deshawn FK12

    4 oy oldin


  8. baby goat_446

    baby goat_446

    5 oy oldin

    So many people

  9. KKOnDaBeat


    6 oy oldin

    I dunn kno wat make dis song soooo orgasmic tho.



    7 oy oldin


  11. Ktg Hood

    Ktg Hood

    8 oy oldin

    That boy boy gunna be heating up on god😇😇😇 tho blocboy jb is not a great rapper 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

    • Ktg Hood

      Ktg Hood

      8 oy oldin

      You sucks this aka blocboy jb🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  12. CycleMind


    10 oy oldin

    i know some hittas thats ready to EAT right now as i SPEAK

  13. Wymesha Washington

    Wymesha Washington

    10 oy oldin


  14. Joseph Mueller

    Joseph Mueller

    10 oy oldin

    When I have to shit but I'm constipated I just put this song on and it comes smooth like a black man with swag on xanax muttering "nigga nigga" with a relaxed voice and facial expressions, hoping to be noticed by white females as he tries to show a modern-western-society-induced hip-hop related identity

  15. Jason Villarreal

    Jason Villarreal

    11 oy oldin

    Killing it



    11 oy oldin

    No one: Nobody at all: Download self it’s a new way to build your credit

  17. inxaneo


    11 oy oldin

    in luv with this 💞

  18. ATM Trill

    ATM Trill

    Yil oldin

    Go check out me & money bag yo new song

  19. Sharon Sanders

    Sharon Sanders

    Yil oldin

    if you ain't getting money leave me alone

  20. Divinity NineFour

    Divinity NineFour

    Yil oldin

    They needa drop a album together

  21. Marquis Patterson

    Marquis Patterson

    Yil oldin

    This is hot like Vegas 🚫🧢🔥

  22. bree davis

    bree davis

    Yil oldin

    I use this song for motivation 💰💰💰💰

  23. basedjj93


    Yil oldin

    That snap though 🤧😷🔥

  24. Barnyarne TrillionDollarMob

    Barnyarne TrillionDollarMob

    Yil oldin

    💪💰 Boss $hit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Haterz Bag Up Yo Money

  25. Jamie McDonald

    Jamie McDonald

    Yil oldin

    This that ride n blow gas joint

  26. Maia Cooley

    Maia Cooley

    Yil oldin

    I still fw it. 🗣 I was fucking with it when it first bopped 😎💪🏾

  27. Liam Ristoff

    Liam Ristoff

    Yil oldin


  28. William Chance

    William Chance

    Yil oldin

    Yo money bag drop that big dawg shit with posa

  29. Jonthan Huston

    Jonthan Huston

    Yil oldin


  30. Toby Rodgers

    Toby Rodgers

    Yil oldin

    I'm iced out by Johnny🔥

  31. JeepZJ 101

    JeepZJ 101

    Yil oldin


  32. JeepZJ 101

    JeepZJ 101

    Yil oldin


  33. Shontate Anderson

    Shontate Anderson

    Yil oldin

    If yeen gettin $ wat yhu on???

  34. Don Dada

    Don Dada

    Yil oldin


  35. Coka-Yola MoneyBrickMusic NoPityGang MBMG

    Coka-Yola MoneyBrickMusic NoPityGang MBMG

    Yil oldin

    Another one for me to sauce to

  36. diamond love

    diamond love

    Yil oldin

    Make it rain make it storm

  37. Jay Smith

    Jay Smith

    Yil oldin

    Beat straight 🔥

  38. diamond love

    diamond love

    Yil oldin


  39. Baby New 901

    Baby New 901

    Yil oldin

    I go to work playing this I get off work playing this I light a blunt playing this #Facts #HighMusic

  40. diamond love

    diamond love

    Yil oldin


  41. Kira Buchanan

    Kira Buchanan

    Yil oldin

    If you ain’t gettin Money what U On !💯⛓🤬

  42. Slime Gang

    Slime Gang

    Yil oldin

    I used to walk in da front door finesse em & run out da back door 😂 naw fr steet shit street shit 🚫🧢

  43. Ben Jr Owiriwa

    Ben Jr Owiriwa

    Yil oldin

    On the Realest. This song speaks a lot. Hot and nice

  44. Ty So

    Ty So

    2 yil oldin

    Cant stop listening. Best song 2018

  45. Diamond The Artist 901

    Diamond The Artist 901

    2 yil oldin

    I. Want to meet you

  46. Problemm Childd

    Problemm Childd

    2 yil oldin

    I keep replaying gunna’s verse

  47. Brandon Hayes

    Brandon Hayes

    2 yil oldin

    wat u on

  48. Jared Allen

    Jared Allen

    2 yil oldin

    Facts 🚀🚀

  49. Clawken Dean

    Clawken Dean

    2 yil oldin

    Oh dam! Fuck up fire hear whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥goat

  50. kierra allen

    kierra allen

    2 yil oldin


  51. bre Ward

    bre Ward

    2 yil oldin

    This my shit

  52. chocolate 47

    chocolate 47

    2 yil oldin

    These fellas Blessed, get yo bag sexy ass dude.

  53. Haz FLORES

    Haz FLORES

    2 yil oldin

    Every song gunna make is a hit💯‼️

  54. Mel Johnson

    Mel Johnson

    2 yil oldin

    “Spider white with the pecan guts”

  55. Breon Williams

    Breon Williams

    2 yil oldin

    Half a million💸💸💸💸💰 just to ride 🚙

  56. christian calderon

    christian calderon

    2 yil oldin

    why this only 2:44???????>

  57. Shakura Brown

    Shakura Brown

    2 yil oldin

    'If you aint getting money wat u on'🔥💯

  58. hellmanns hellmanns

    hellmanns hellmanns

    2 yil oldin

    On on thon thon

  59. Susan Marino

    Susan Marino

    2 yil oldin

    Gunna Gunna 🔥

  60. lts Splash

    lts Splash

    2 yil oldin

    What you on ?

  61. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones

    2 yil oldin

    This bih was lit 🔥💯 👍

  62. D K

    D K

    2 yil oldin

    Too lit 🔥 🔥 🔥 moneybaggyo make it look easy

  63. Jamesha Wolford

    Jamesha Wolford

    2 yil oldin

    my shit sorry I dislike didn't mean that but I'm High ASF TMI.But the song is the truth

  64. Billy Johnson

    Billy Johnson

    2 yil oldin

    0:54 Designer down when I walk in the club so many blue hunneds

  65. David De la Cruz

    David De la Cruz

    2 yil oldin

    So many blu hunnids they thot I was cuz

  66. Rene'eah Hardy Cloy

    Rene'eah Hardy Cloy

    2 yil oldin

    Booming Now & Years Later 👏🏼

  67. Silver rock72

    Silver rock72

    2 yil oldin

    Who Dis🤬

  68. Maine Brown

    Maine Brown

    2 yil oldin

    Gucci mane good

  69. Godsgraciousgift


    2 yil oldin

    Im in love💰💰💰 and Gunna💸💸💸💸

  70. ZadaDollar Tv

    ZadaDollar Tv

    2 yil oldin

    Shouts Out Money Bagg Y'all Check My Music Out On My Channel 💯 🔥🔥 🔥

  71. Justin Ward

    Justin Ward

    2 yil oldin

    I swear this nigga make you ride out get high and go get the money keep it up moneybagg

  72. Karmen oeBkjyuickor

    Karmen oeBkjyuickor

    2 yil oldin


  73. Nicholas Greenawalt

    Nicholas Greenawalt

    2 yil oldin

    This shit bump🔥🔥🔥🔫🔫💯💯

  74. Crysrod


    2 yil oldin

    Can't fuck wit no leach!

  75. Terry Jones

    Terry Jones

    2 yil oldin

    If you aint getting money what you on

  76. Anthony Baltzelle

    Anthony Baltzelle

    2 yil oldin

    Bread gang bangin

  77. o. sems

    o. sems

    2 yil oldin

    gunna gunna

  78. Blac Money - Topic

    Blac Money - Topic

    2 yil oldin

    If u ain’t Gettin Moneyy Watchu On ?? 🎶💰💰💰🏠🎬🔥🔥🔥🔥 #CameAlongWayFromSlanginThatDust 🥀 Check Me Out Up Comin Artist From Memphis

  79. Dreco Jhonny

    Dreco Jhonny

    2 yil oldin

    [New Memphis Music] Dreco Jhonny - David Ruffin 🔥 Dreco Jhonny - Big Money 🔥 Dreco Jhonny - The Opps 🔥 Dreco Jhonny - Give My All 🔥 Now on UZtop, ITunes, etc Like, Comment, and Subscribe Follow Instagram @drecojhonny

  80. ChiefKeefSosa


    2 yil oldin

    Fire af

  81. Maserati Fresh

    Maserati Fresh

    2 yil oldin

  82. hasino hasino

    hasino hasino

    2 yil oldin

    Breadgang🍞 #Moneybagg Yo #MichealmoneybaggMyers 🔥🔥wat u on on

  83. El Dolce Baby

    El Dolce Baby

    2 yil oldin

    Getting money this ya theme song

  84. Kyron Lauren

    Kyron Lauren

    2 yil oldin

    Damn Denaro 🗣

  85. Da Business

    Da Business

    2 yil oldin

    on the express way 8FT Tall.!!😎😎

  86. Sir SwayZee

    Sir SwayZee

    2 yil oldin

    This tough



    2 yil oldin


  88. babyscrillaa


    2 yil oldin

    So many loses yet a nih won💯

  89. Nick Macey

    Nick Macey

    2 yil oldin

    Moneybagg on That Chorus Though 🔥🔥

  90. CEO Huncho

    CEO Huncho

    2 yil oldin

    Song tuff asf🔥🔥🔥🔥

  91. Muva 1111

    Muva 1111

    2 yil oldin

    If een getting 💰 what u on

  92. Tupac Oneal

    Tupac Oneal

    2 yil oldin

    This beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. von loC

    von loC

    2 yil oldin

    Shit too hard

  94. Angela mcleod

    Angela mcleod

    2 yil oldin

    So many blue one they thought i was couz🔥🔥

  95. Slavko Cosic

    Slavko Cosic

    2 yil oldin


  96. xIBaLLiNIx313


    2 yil oldin

    Make a music video!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  97. Tarra Laster

    Tarra Laster

    2 yil oldin

    Gunna and moneybagg yo one of the best

  98. g money

    g money

    2 yil oldin

    Add me on snap blasting people gwood_saucy

  99. pimp c

    pimp c

    2 yil oldin

    Is diss nigga mighty or what?

  100. A A

    A A

    2 yil oldin